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Who Is a Casting Director?

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Who Is a Casting Director?

Casting directors also called ‘CD’ hold auditions to hire actors for creative projects, including TV, theater, or film productions. Casting directors work with talent agencies, playwrights, screenwriters, directors, and other creative leads to fill roles with performers who best represent the characters and style of a particular project. Through the casting process, casting directors sort through headshots and taped auditions, conduct casting calls, callbacks, and screen tests, and work with directors and producers on making hiring decisions.

For some major productions, the process of selecting actors for sometimes hundreds of speaking parts and roles may often require specialized staff. While the last word remains with the people in charge such as the director, producer, artistic departments, and overall production team, a casting director or “CD” (and sometimes the casting associate) is in charge of most of the daily work involved in this process during pre-production. A casting director is sometimes assisted by a casting associate; productions with large numbers of extras may have their own extras casting director as well, however, in all aspects of a film or television production’s budget, they are all a part of the above-the-line, answering to the director as part of his or her staff.

These arts workers typically gain experience as interns, casting assistants, and casting associates before holding the job title of casting director.

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